Virtual Wind
Farm Tour


American Wind Week is an annual celebration acknowledging all the ways in which wind energy is powering a future fueled by reliable, affordable, homegrown clean electricity and contributing to a strong economy.

With the COVID-19 pandemic preventing us from providing wind farm tours in-person, we decided to create a virtual wind farm tour hosted by our Operations teams at the Arbuckle Mountain Wind Farm in Murray & Carter Counties, Oklahoma, and the Redbed Plains Wind Farm in Grady County, Oklahoma.

In the series of short videos below, our Operations Managers, Andy Woods of Arbuckle Mountain and Larry Martin of Redbed Plains, will show you around the Operations & Maintenance building, introduce you to their teams, and show how they monitor the wind farms. Then we’ll jump in the truck and climb a turbine – we hope you aren’t afraid of heights!

Video 1:

Operations & Maintenance Building

Each visit to one of our wind farms starts by checking in at the Operations & Maintenance (O&M) building. After a brief site safety orientation, we’ll check out the various tools our teams use to monitor and independently control every turbine in the wind farm. Andy and Larry will take you around and introduce you to their teams of wind technicians and administrators who help ensure that the wind farms keep providing power to tens of thousands of homes and businesses throughout the region.

Video 2:

Supply Bay

Now we’re heading into the supply bay of the O&M building. This is where the teams get set up with any parts and equipment they’ll need before heading out to the turbine. Tanner – who is either very camera shy or auditioning for a role in a sci-fi movie – is rocking his welding gear as Sheila gets him some parts. Cody and Robert load up the truck with tools from the tool cage and roll out!

Video 3:

Driving Through the Wind Farm

All aboard for the trip out to the turbine. As Andy drives along the access road, soak in the scenery and learn a bunch of cool facts about the wind farm. For example, did you know that it takes eight truckloads of major components to build one turbine, or that Arbuckle Mountain Wind Farm produces enough clean energy to power about 22,000 American homes?

Video 4:

Gearing Up for Our Climb

Have you ever wondered what’s inside that big box at the top of the turbine? With helmet-mounted cameras, Tanner, Cody, and Robert are ready to take you up-tower. We’re going to climb straight up 260 feet of ladder broken up by two decks. But don’t worry – we’ll be using a climb assist system that makes it a lot easier. The crew will also show you how they get their giant bag of heavy tools all the way up into the nacelle (hint: it’s not via the ladder).

Video 5:

Get Ready for an Amazing View!

Now that we’re up in the nacelle, the wind techs are getting ready to do some maintenance on the transformer. After pointing out some of the important parts, we’ll leave them to it and pop out up top to take a 360 degree look around the surrounding Oklahoma landscape. We’re as high as the Statue of Liberty!

Thank You

Thanks for joining us on our virtual wind farm tour! As one of North America’s biggest renewable energy companies, celebrating American Wind Week means a lot to us. Our 53 wind farms (and eight solar parks) generate more than seven gigawatts of clean energy – enough to power more than 1.9 million American homes.

They also boost rural economies – through 2019, EDP Renewables North America has contributed more than $1.6 billion to the areas that host our wind and solar farms:

  • $317 million in property tax payments to local communities, helping fund services such as schools, roads, and more
  • $508 million to local economies through wages
  • $513 million to businesses around our projects
  • $323 million in lease payments to landowners

And of course, we couldn’t do any of our work without our dedicated team of more than 700 employees. More than 120,000 Americans are employed by the wind industry overall, with many of jobs located throughout rural America. According to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, wind turbine technician is one of the fastest-growing jobs in America. If it looks like something you might like to do, please check out our careers page.